Three Nerds in a Basement

Three Nerds in a Basement - Episode 33 + Game Club 01: Catherine [Part 1]

August 7, 2011

On this week’s episode of Three Nerds in a Basement, we talk about Killzone 3, EVO 2011, Transformers: Prime and Kayo Police. Then we discuss the future of dedicated handheld gaming devices off of the back of the news that Nintendo has given their relatively new 3DS an $80 price drop. After, some letters are answered and the show is over!

Also, this week brings the start of a new segment we are calling Game Club. In this segment, we asked the community to play a game along with us and then we’ll discuss how each of the participants tackled the game and describe their thoughts during the most memorable segments. So the game we are playing is Atlus’ recently released “Catherine” and we will be discussing days one through three. Also, if it isn’t obvious there will be a lot of major spoilers, so don’t listen if you’re planning on playing the game at a later date!

Starring Anthony Fallucco & Vincent Sanchez & Tristan Arcas

00:00:00 - Goldfish
00:00:25 - Intro
00:01:39 - What Anthony's Up To
00:10:55 - What Vincent's Up To
00:16:25 - Extra Nonsense
00:18:32 - Death of Handheld Gaming?
00:36:08 - Listener Mail!
00:48:02 - Outro
00:49:47 - Game Club 01: Catherine [Part 1]

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